A client since 1989, I have taken a wide variety of animals to Great Falls Veterinary Hospital and with great success. Many of my pets have lived far past their life expectancies because of the quality of medical and technical care provided at the hospital. Instructions for at-home care are always provided, follow-up calls are routine, and questions are answered in a timely fashion. The staff is personable, gentle and caring, even when faced with my very grouchy cat.
–Jean Partin
Owner of Molly, Ernestine, Abby


It been over 11 years now that we have been taking our furry family (which is big) to Great Falls Vet Hospital. In these past 11 + years, we are still welcomed with a smile from the friendly staff at Great Falls Vet. Dr. Wyand is always in great spirits and offers as much help and information that is needed at every visit. We never feel rushed, or leave with a question in our minds or hearts. Thank you Great Falls for all your help, care and over all being there.
–The Lemelins
Abigail, Clay, Colby, Fletcher, Gretchen, Levi, Simon & Willow


I highly recommend The Paws Inn at Great Falls to anyone who decides to leave their cats while they go away or just to give the cats a little vacation. The Staff is fantastic, and because they are affiliated with Dr. Wyand and Great Falls Veterinary Hospital, I don’t worry about the care of my boys. The sleeping chambers are so loved by my cats, that they now try to get into a cupboard that I have at home so they can take a nap! Thanks Paws Inn!!!
–Mike Beaudoin
Ali & Elmo


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