Paws Inn

Paws Inn at Great Falls is committed to making our furry guests as comfy as possible when they are away from home.

The staff are experienced Veterinary Technicians with a love for animals. Each kitty staying at the Paws Inn will be treated with care and compassion. They will also get individual attention and play time daily.

The facility is clean, bright and has large windows for views of the outdoors. An air flow system helps keep away air-borne pathogens and vents odors away from your cat. We offer two different condo options for your feline friend’s comfort.

Kitty Condo

This condo is ideal for one cat and has 3 levels with the bottom level being a private space for the litter box.

Large Condo

This condo has 5 levels for roaming and will comfortably accommodate 2 cats. The lower level is a private space for the litter box as well.


Rabies and Feline Distemper vaccines are required to be up to date prior to boarding. All cats will be checked for fleas and ear mites upon arrival and treated if necessary (additional charges would apply).

Paws Inn provides scoop-able litter, litter box, ceramic or metal food dishes, and a cat bed.

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday 8 am to 5:30 pm

We board 7 days a week, however, we do not allow drop off or pick up’s on weekends and holidays.


We are able to medicate your feline friend at an addition charge.


We supply Hills Science Diet dry cat food, however, we recommend bringing your cat’s normal diet to keep their tummy’s happy, especially if they are on a prescription diet.


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