Meet Blackie

Meet “Blackie” our special hospital cat…HPIM1866

Blackie was born on July 18 2006 right here at Great Falls Veterinary Hospital by C- section.  He is a Sphynx cat mixed with some Devon Rex. We saw him every year until October of 2012 when we were privileged to have him stay permanently.  He was a very good eater as his weight was over 30 pounds!

After months of exercise, hard work and yes, a diet, he lost a total of 18 pounds!!!  That’s  when his true personality came out.  He has been known to pose as an armadillo, E.T, and a  pharaoh.  Blackie can usually be found greeting clients at the front desk, basking in the sun or looking for a yummy treat.  He loves people and will often run from the treatment area to surprise unsuspecting clients at the front desk.

Unfortunately, on August 17, 2020, we had to say goodbye to our beloved cat. His heart disease progressed quicker than we had hoped.  We had the pleasure of his company for 8 wonderful years.  He was always there to make us laugh and help us with such things as typing, pressing numbers on the phone, taking a nap on our shoulders and neck and of course letting us know when it was time to eat.




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