Meet Blackie


Meet “Blackie” our special hospital cat…HPIM1866


Blackie was born on July 18 2006 right here at Great Falls Veterinary Hospital by C- section.  He is a Sphynx cat mixed with some Devon Rex. We saw him every year until October of 2012 where we were privileged to have him stay permanently.  He was a very good eater as his weight was over 30 pounds!

After months of exercise, hard work and yes a diet, he lost a total of 18 pounds!!!  That’s  when his true personality came out.  He has been known to pose as an armadillo, E.T, and a  pharaoh.  Blackie can usually be found greeting clients at the front desk, basking in the sun or looking for a yummy treat.  He loves people and will often run from the treatment area to surprise unsuspecting clients at the front desk.




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