COVID-19 Update

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We are excited that our doors are open to all of our clients and pets. There is no need to call before your appointment or are here to pick up food or medications. As always, if you are sick or have Covid-19 related symptoms, please stay home. We still offer curbside appointments to those who need them.

Preventive Measures Regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic With the concerns related to the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to let you know what we at Great Falls Veterinary Hospital are doing to reduce exposure risk for our clients, staff and patients. While we should not be in “panic mode,” it is appropriate to prepare for if or when there comes a time that our local community is directly affected by this disease. We want to be prepared to continue to provide the high quality veterinary care and client service that you expect from us. Our commitment to your health and safety, as well as the health and safety of your pets is our top concern.

We kindly ask that if you are sick, or at known risk of exposure to COVID-19, that you reschedule non-urgent appointments for a time when you are feeling better. If your pet’s appointment cannot wait, please let us know prior to your appointment so that we can determine the safest way to provide care for your pet. We are attempting to balance care of your pet with protecting you and our employees.

Medication refills, food & Retail sales: Pet food is selling rapidly as people prepare for a possible at-home quarantine. This could result in difficulty maintaining our stock. We strongly recommend that you consider calling us one week in advance to ensure that we will have it in stock. This is also recommended for our client’s pets that are on long term medications. We ask that you call in advance to let us get any medications or prescription diets ready for you if needed.

Technician Appointments: Technician appointments are such where an exam room is not required and the pet is taken to the treatment area by a technician to perform such things as nail trims, anal glad expression and blood draws. These appointments are restricted to Technicians and if there are issues that arise before the appointment that the Veterinarian is required, we ask that you call and reschedule your appointment.

** Everyday things may change so we will try to keep everyone updated. Hopefully we will be available to provide care for your pets and get through this together. We appreciate your patience. We wish that you and your family and friends stay safe. We are all in this together. Although we need to keep a safe distance from one another, it is important to check in on our friends, family and neighbors especially those that may need extra help.


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